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i.e. 2204 East Penn,La Grande

i.e. Eastern Oregon University

MILESTONE EVENT...  Sometime in early to mid October the Trolley fixed route system serving La Grande will board its 300,000th rider.  Public Transit is planning some fun events and a nice gift to honor our milestone rider.

PUBLIC COMMENT is still open on Public Transit services in Elgin and Union, Oregon (please see the menu tab above or click here to participate).  Public Comment will close on October 6, 2015.  On October 7, 2015 staff will incorporate all comments received and prepare its recommendation to the Union County Public Transit Advisory Council - which will consider the submission for adoption at its October 21st meeting in Union, Oregon.

INTO THE SUNSET... Since July 2014, Union County Public Transit has been running a successful demonstration project for acute response medical access transit in Union County (and beyond).  It is projected to exhaust its final resources in early November.

This turned out to be a ground breaking project with broad implications to both recipient passengers and stakeholders in the medical community.  A more detailed description of what we're losing and how your input may be able to help is available in the menu bar above or by clicking here!